Who Should Use These Materials?

Flip Flop math products are versatile enough for educators to use in a variety of educational settings. Click for ways to use our products.

Classroom Teachers
Special Education Teachers
Math Coaches and Trainers
Math Recovery Interventionists
Add+VantageMR Trained Teachers
Volunteers and Math Tutors
Pre-Service Educators

Teachers Pay Teachers

1. Number Names Journal (free)
2. Ten Frames and Dot Patterns Flashcards
3. K-2 Math Path for Structuring Numbers 1 to 20
4. K-2 Math Path Quickerssessments for Structuring Numbers 1 to 20
5. Problem Solving with Farmer Bob (Sums of Ten, Doubles, and More)
6. Comparing Numbers Worksheet
7. Problem Solving for Combinations of 5 and 10 (free)

Math Path (Concepts and Skills for K-3rd Grade)

Here is a list of numeracy concepts and skills the Teacher Toolkit and Multiplication Decks provide practice with. These are some of the numeracy concepts and skills from the Common Core Math Standards and other math research.

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