About Us

A Level Above Learning, LLC was started by Cindy Pray, an elementary school teacher, who wants to provide teachers and parents with versatile educational materials to challenge children all while making teachers’ lives easier!


Since 1985, Cindy has taught special education and elementary education. Often after taking a class or reading a book, she created materials to meet the individual needs of her students.


In the summer of 2009, she took a math class called Add+Vantage MR through Math Recovery. Cindy read numerous books by Robert Wright, et. al. and John A. Van de Walle as well as many books about Response To Intervention (RTI). With this new knowledge of assessing and teaching number sense along with her experience in teaching Every Day Math with Every Day Counts Calendar Math, she once again started creating materials to use in her classroom.


Cindy started creating cards with finger patterns, five and ten frames, dot patterns, and spatial patterns to do interventions, use as flashcards, and to play games. She organized them with a coding system and stored them in plastic baggies. She taught her students which sets to use to meet their individual needs and showed them how to play a variety of games with each set. Cindy created her own toolkit to use. After months of trial and error, she had an organized and efficient system that she and her students could easily use. Flip Flop math products were born.


New materials continue to be developed. Our team is here to provide innovative and versatile materials to meet the learning needs of your students and children. Visit our website often to see what new and exciting materials we have to offer.