“Guess My Number” Costume for Halloween

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For many years when I was teaching, my first grade team often did a grade level theme costume for Halloween. The teachers were great at indulging me in my crazy ideas, so one year I suggested that we all be "Name Collection Boxes" from our Every Day Math program. These are boxes in our Math Journals that show many ways to represent a number. For example, the number five can be represented by tallies, a five frame, various domino frames, finger patterns, addition and subtraction problems, etc.




Each teacher had her students help in creating the costume by showing that teacher's number in a variety of ways on pieces of colored paper. Then we glued them on large poster boards with a big question mark in the upper left hand corner. Some of us had hats with the quantity of our number represented. One teacher, number seven, put her hair up in seven pony tails with bright orange ribbons. Another teacher, number eight, had a huge spider on her head with eight legs.




As we paraded through the halls on Halloween afternoon, we could hear many students calling out, "Hey, you're number five or eight or six or ten!" I'm often accused of having to make everything into an educational experience. Did I go a little too far?

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