Multiplication Strategies: Nines

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The Flip Flop Multiplication Decks are a great way to strengthen students’ conceptual understanding of multiplication and to introduce the strategies for solving the basic multiplication facts. The set includes nine different decks. There are 36 cards in each deck with 4 categories including numerals, dot groups, dot arrays, and multiplication facts as well as 8 additional Zapp! cards and 9 blank cards.


To see the Flip Flop Multiplication Decks click here, or go to the PRODUCTS page.


Photo Mult. Kit inside a deck


Here is an activity I use with students when learning the facts with groups of 9:


          Activity with bead rack and array cards: Ask students to solve facts with a factor of 10 such as 3 x 10. Discuss with students how they can use these simple facts to solve the more difficult x9 facts.


          Have the students push 30 on a bead rack showing 3 groups of 10.


Bead Rack 3 x 10.jpg CROP


           Then have them push 3 rows of 9. Discuss with students the connection between 3         groups of 10 and 3 groups of 9. When you start with 3 x 10, how many do you have to subtract to get the answer to 3 x 9? It is 3 less or one group of 3 less.


Bead Rack 3 x 9.jpg CROP


          Add the array cards to help make the connection.


Bead Rack 3x9 with array card.jpg CROP


To provide practice with the x9 facts, students can play a variety of games using the x9 deck. I have added stickers to the blank cards in each deck using words such as “three groups of nine” or “three rows of nine” or “three sets of nine”, etc.


x9 deck with words.jpg CROP


Students can use any combination of the categories in the decks including the numerals, the dot groups, the arrays, the expressions, and anything you want to include on the blank cards.


To see the games students can play using the decks, click here or go to the IDEAS tab and click on Games.

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