Multiplication Strategies-Practicing Multiples

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The Flip Flop Multiplication Decks can be used to practice counting by multiples. There are nine decks in the set and each deck has the nine numerals to do the following activity:


          Take out the numeral cards.


          Place the first numeral in the count face up. Place the rest of the numeral cards face down in a row in random order without looking.


          Remove one card from the row and look at it. Determine where it goes in the row and place it there by removing the card in its place.


Mult of 6 card in hand.jpg CROP


          Continue to remove face down cards and place them where they belong. The activity is over when all the cards are face up in the correct position. When I show this to students, they all say, “Hey, that’s like the game TRASH.”


To see the Flip Flop Multiplication Decks click here, or go to the PRODUCTS page.


Photo Mult. Kit inside a deck

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