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Product Description


Flip Flop Math is not taking orders until

June 2018.

Check back then to order

your Flip Flop Math materials.


Flip Flop Special! Every Multiplication Decks comes with a Multiplication Game Mat  for FREE!


  • Build conceptual understanding with dot groups and arrays
  • Practice subitizing dot groups and arrays K-3
  • Provide practice through fun and engaging games
  • Works great for 2nd and 3rd grade multiplication concepts


The Flip Flop Game Decks for basic multiplication facts give teachers and parents easy-to-use, research and standards-based materials to differentiate multiplication learning and practice in a variety of ways to meet the needs of individual students. The cards are designed to help students learn the basic multiplication facts by linking the fact with visual models including dot groups and dot arrays. These materials align with the Common Core Math Standards and are based on current research on how students learn multiplication.

There are nine different decks designed to reinforce the basic multiplication facts. There are 36 cards in each deck with 4 categories including numerals, dot groups, dot arrays, and multiplication facts as well as 8 additional Zapp! cards and 9 blank cards. The decks are coded with a color and number system to keep decks easily organized.


To see a short video introducing our Multiplication Decks, click here.


To get a set of labels for the blank cards that say “groups of”, “rows of”, etc. you can order them on our Products page.


The following video gives you a few ideas on how to get started with our Multiplication Decks.



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