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Product Description


  • Versatile mat to play a variety of games
  • Durable, double-sided vinyl material
  • Rolls up for easy storage


The double-sided vinyl Game Mat (19 1/4″ by 22″) can be used to play a variety of games using Flip Flop playing cards. You can use a Flip Flop Game Deck or create a deck using the cards from the Teacher Toolkit.

Several games can be played on the front side of the Game Mat. Games and directions are included in the Game Booklet in the Teacher Toolkit and the Game Decks.

The back of the Game Mat has two parts. The inside portion of the mat can be used to play the game Flip Flop Before and After referred to in the Game Booklet in the Teacher Toolkit and in the Game Decks. The outer Game Board to 50 can be used to play a variety of counting games using items such as the frog counters, dice, and Flip Flop playing cards.

Game Mat Tips

I have a magnetic towel bar hanging on a metal cabinet in my classroom. My Flip Flop Game Mats are stored on this bar for students to access the mats easily.

Also remember, don’t fold your mats. Either roll them up or leave them flat.

*Special Puchasing Conditions

Email us at if any of the following conditions pertain to you. For more information, click on the link provided below.


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