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(Number Sense to 100)

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Product Description


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  • Reinforce number sense skills
  • Differentiate instruction!
  • Implement targeted interventions
  • Use with individuals, small groups, and whole class


The Teacher Toolkit gives teachers easy-to-use, research based materials to teach and reinforce number sense in a variety of ways. Ideas and suggestions on how to use the materials are included in the Idea Booklet and Game Booklet. The materials support the Common Core Math Standards and are based on current research on how students learn number sense.

The 550 playing cards have symbols and numerical values up to 100 such as numerals, objects, regular and irregular dot patterns, dominoes, finger patterns, five and ten frames, base-ten blocks, money, etc. The cards can be used as flashcards, activity cards, in centers, and to play a variety of games. They are organized by dividers to be easily used by teachers in indiviualized, small group, and whole class settings.

The playing cards, counters, large teaching frames, screens, game board, and dice allow teachers to choose the materials and activities best related to the individual student’s needs. Learning and practice can be differentiated quickly and efficiently.

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